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Astrid’s Oil is a new “super feed(TM),” a pure, crude oat oil with exceptionally high polar lipids and antioxidants, produced using a proven proprietary process that preserves the natural and highly beneficial components found in raw oats.  

Astrid’s Oil represents a remarkable progression in the quest to improve the overall health and condition of horses.  After decades of research and testing, Astrid Silva Olsson-Ellis realized that it was time to share the extraordinary benefits she routinely saw from using the oil with her Constancia Stud horses with other horse owners, starting with friends and members of various equestrian forms.    As Silva experienced, Astrid's Oil has produced health benefits in all of these horses that are nothing short of astounding.  

The impact significant, the results impressive...In just 16 months of bringing Astrid's Oil to a select market through consultative and advisory selling, Astrid's Oil customers have reported the following results:

  • Decreases pain and inflammation in joints -- Obvious improvements in basic agility and  movement
  • Increased appetite and healthy weight gain -- A once-competitive thoroughbred who lapsed into a 10 year period of poor eating & significant weight loss, gained 120 pounds in his first month on Astrid's Oil
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced fertility in older mares and stallions
  • Enriched Colostrum in mare’s milk
  • Enhancements in stamina and endurance in training and competition
  • Greatly improved coat appearance
  • Enhances the immune system for all ages

Seasonal Colic(TM)is a term we use to describe the colic that affects horses during each change of seasons.  For example, when fall approaches and the temperature drops, horses begin to drink and eat less, their metabolisms change, and colic is an all-too-frequent result.      Astrid's Oil helps prevent or relieve symptoms of Seasonal Colic(TM).

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Constancia Warmbloods -- All Born and Bred on Astrid's Oil

Constancia Warmbloods -- All Born and Bred on Astrid's Oil

Using a specific, factory-certified high grade of oats, we produce a highly concentrated all natural feed compliment that has given new life, increased performance and enhanced overall health to horses -- 10ml of Astrid's Oil has the same or more nutritional content as 2kg of the best raw oats.

Results reported by our customers have exceeded our expectations based on years of scientific research and testing at our farm Constancia Stud in the UK, and with other horse owners involved in competitive events.  

For about two dollars per day on maintenance, following a two-week initial period, Astrid's Oil can make a lifetime difference in the condition and health of your horse.   

Observed results have confirmed that our oil imparts rapid and extraordinary health benefits in horses, including decreased joint discomfort/pain and inflammation, increased appetite, healthy weight gain, increased energy and training endurance, and enhanced coat appearance. 

Mares at Constancia Stud Farm -- The Proving Ground for Astrid's Oil - 35 Horses, 6 Years, 0 Colic!

Located along Britain's Jurassic Coast, for over 10 years Astrid Silva Olsson-Ellis developed and tested the nutritionally rich, highly concentrated, and specially processed oat oil with her breeding program -- a program that includes international dressage competitor and much beloved Relevant, mares with German and Swedish bloodlines reaching back over 200 years, as well as many beautiful offspring.  

"With equine genetics of this caliber, we knew that we needed the best feeding program for all ages.  Our solution: A program with a minimum of "processed" or manufactured feed, replaced with twice-daily applications of Astrid's Oil mixed with all natural hard feed...a combination that has proven to be absolutely remarkable at preserving and keeping the herd in top all-around condition, including breeding."     - Astrid Silva Olsson-Ellis

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Astrid’s Oil is a true “super feed(TM),” available now in a pure bulk form for the first time ever.  Small amounts added twice daily to normal feedings will yield measurable results in short order.  Loading doses may be required in critical situations, and those results can be especially dramatic.

Astrid’s Oil is extracted by a proprietary process from a single Scandinavian source, utilizing a select type of oats gathered from an exclusive group of factory-certified oat fields.

This combination of pure oats and proprietary process provides needed protection to ease pain and inflammation in horses.  In addition, its outstanding nutritional content improves overall animal health and hormone levels, and includes approximately (since oat crops vary) the following nutrients per 100 g:

  • 827 kcal
  • Polarlipids 15
  • Neutralipids 70
  • Carbohydrates 3
  • Protein 2
  • Vitamin E
  •  Tocopherol
  • Tocotrienols
  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6
  • Omega 9

There is nothing quite like Astrid’s Oil on the market today: a pure, potent super feed(TM), with immediate benefits to all of your horses.

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