Cari C.

I started using the oil a month ago for my horse - I was very skeptical that it would make any difference but for the last two weeks I have been able to touch him all over, tack him up, groom him all without dodging his teeth and back legs!!! This is the first time in 2 and a half years that I've been able to do so. He is so chilled and calm in himself. It really is a miracle. Thank you so much!

Katy L.

This golden oil has completely turned one of my horses around, for the better. He is comfortable, happy and sound!!!   My other horse is on maintenance and she is also beaming, no moody mare cycles and content in her work...fab stuff!  Astrids Oil keeps her focused and balances her hormones, her cycles are so minimal now...makes life a lot easier!

Elizabeth D.

Your oil is a godsend and I for one am a life-time client.

Sarah Wilson

I buy this stuff religiously and always recommend for horses with [digestive issues]! Or for general good internal health.

Tracey W.

Just put all 5 of my horses on Astrids Oil, don’t suppose you could provide it in larger quantities?  Superb product, I can already see a difference after 10 days, subtle things in different horses

Stef C.

Love Astrids Oil, horse has lots of energy, shiny coat and settled tummy

Graclie L.

You wouldn't believe the change in my young mare, she looks amazing. I recommend to everyone on the yard - she really does look great!  10 / 10 - wouldn't go without it!

Nicola P.

Great product from great people, horses have never felt and looked so good.


Have just taken my pony away for 3 days competing and lots of hours travelling, increased his Astrids Oil and I am pleased to say he has coped very well for a little stressy person, eating lots of soaked hay and drinking fine.

Georgie G.

Great product and great team!  Horses look and feel amazing!

Maddie Walters

I honestly can feel such a difference in her now! Rocket fuel! Amazing

Louise S.

I have to say you are a blessing. It's day 4 of new diet and the amazing Astrids Oil and already I've noticed a huge difference. It's in the poop!!! It just looks so healthy, a huge contrast to what it was. Thank you.